Banana Jones Slots

Whenever we write about online casino games, it seems we only ever cover slots. Palace of Chance is a great place to play those games, of course, but it’s good to check out other game types too. You could be missing out on some great games by sticking with the slots you know best.

When you visit the Palace of Chance Casino, you’ll be able to go through to the casino games section with one click or tap from the home page. You’ll then see a list of game types to choose from:

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Now, while you’ll certainly find some good titles in the popular games area, you shouldn’t forego the specialty games section. Many players love trying out some slots but there’s plenty more to explore as well. This casino has a good array of games provided by RTG, and it uses software provided by this company to give its players the best possible experience.

That holds true for the specialty games too – the area reserved for games that don’t fit any regular category. That’s where we found a game called Banana Jones, and you’ll soon see that while it was created by RTG, it isn’t a slot game.

Banana Jones crash lands and the game begins

Banana Jones is clearly on an adventure in his old-style plane, but he gets more than he bargained for when he crashes into a forest. That’s where we join him, as he sets eyes on a temple of sorts. What lies within? We must select a bet amount from 20 cents to $5 before we get to know more.

Each bet brings us several rolls of the dice, as shown on the screen. Yes, this game is based on dice and when you see the screen, you’ll work out it is based on snakes and ladders. A murky swamp stands between Banana Jones and the temple, and the idea is to get across it to enter the temple.

You can collect gems found along the way but watch out for the snakes as they’ll send you back where you came from. Conversely, the vines take you further across the swamp, helping you get closer to your goal.

If you get into the temple, you are faced with 16 chests. Start opening them to find out which gem is inside each one. Each gem is collected above the chests, with five potential gems to find. You need to get three identical gems to win the prize associated with that amount. The crystal banana is by far the best of them all. Once you’ve received your prize, you’ll be returned to the bet screen to start again.

Do we like the Banana Jones casino game?

We do, although it doesn’t have enough on offer to make it a delight to play over longer periods. It’s far simpler than many casino games, but that’s not a bad thing if you like simpler games. It’s worth checking out if you want to try something different or simply have a change from slots.

And remember, this is also just one of several specialty games available today from Palace of Chance Casino. If you haven’t yet signed up, you can look out for a welcome deal to tempt you into becoming a member. You won’t need to deposit until you are ready to do so.