Cash Bandits 3 Slots

Cash Bandit 3 Slots from Real Time Gaming is definitely slated to take you along for one heck of a ride behind police cruisers chasing a bona fide thief and swindler. This awesome slot from the best in the business is sizable with 5 reels, 3 reels and 25 pay lines that we've come to expect from pokies and the larger size range. The wonderful option of playing for free is also available, as long as you can activate either the Google Chrome browser or the Apple iOS browser on the android or iPhone/iPad devices. Additionally, Mozilla Firefox browser support was added a little while ago.

If you desire to play for a chance to win a little bit (or a whole lot, in fact) of cash with a sprinkling of prizes, then you got to download the casino software and render a deposit to receive your Welcome Bonus. From there, the minimum wage are allowed is $0.01, and the maximum wager allowed is $25 with a prize of 50,000 coins attending the jackpot. By the way, as this is the third installment of a very popular series, you can bet your bottom dollar that you're in for a whole lot of fun. This game has got free spins in the bonus round that come with multiplier amounts; a wild substitute symbol that can really bump up your prize is during the symbol combination payout rounds, and the previously mentioned progressive jackpot. You will have a grand old time during the many games, to boot. In fact, it's possible to win up to 390 free games, along with a 23x multiplier that improves your chances of unlocking the extra features embedded within the game.

Bonus: The Top Icons in Cash Bandit Slots 3

Cash Bandit 3 Slots should be well-known for its zany characters that are involved in the classic cops and robbers fiasco by now – after all, this is the third installment of the world-famous video Slots (famous in the realm of online casino games, anyway). The Wild substitute symbol is a funny-style monkey-looking burglar holding two fistfuls of bundles of cash. In this third version of the series, he once again operates as a group substitute symbol and can replace virtually any other symbol in the game except for the Cash Bandit 3 game signage. If a handful of the burglar symbol appears on the reels, then you win an impressive 5000 coins; if four of this zany burglar character shows up you win 500 coins, if three zany burglar characters appear you get 100 coins, and if two thieves show up you win just 10 coins.

The loan symbol that bums the wild to the side is the Cash Bandit 3 scatter icon. Although all the other symbols in the game only pay in the left to right direction, the payout wins offered by the scatter icon pays any way in which they appear. For five Cash Bandit 3 scatter icons you win a 50 times x reward; if one fewer scatter symbol appears for four on the reels you win a 20 times x reward, and if three scatters descend you win 2 times x. Remember: x represents the amount you wagered if you are actually playing the real money game.

Icon Paytable in Cash Bandit Slots 3

Now that the bonus symbols are done in Cash Bandit 3 Slots, we move onto the standard icons in the game. The start off with the high-paying French Policeman symbol; five French policeman on the reels rewards you with 2000 credits; if you land for French policeman icons instead, your payout is 300 coins, if you get three French policeman symbols you win 25 coins, and for the smallest available payout for this particular symbol combination of French policeman, you win a handful of credits. The next high-paying symbol in this collection of research icons is the screaming fat lady-she's undoubtedly an American woman on vacation in Paris. Five American fat lady symbols get you 1000 coins as a reward, four that American lady icons are worth 200 coins, three that American lady symbols get you 20 coins, and two of the fat ladies are worth 5 coins. The third and final member of the high-paying symbols series is the vault with police lines symbol; five of them are worth 800 credits, for vaults with a yellow police line across it icons get you 100 coins, three of a kind are worth 15 coins, and two vaults get you three coins.

The middle series of high-paying symbols starts with the golden cop badge; five golden cop badges are worth 500 coins, for golden police badge symbols are worth 40 coins, and three golden police badge symbols get you 10 coins. On the heels of this symbol combination is the police cruiser; five of a kind of the police cruiser icons are worth a 500 coin reward, four police cruiser symbols get you 40 coins (which is an admittedly large drop off) and the final payout for this icon comes with three of a kind delivering a 10 credits payout.

There are two more sets of symbols in Cash Bandit 3 Slots; keep in mind that this game lacks traditional low-paying poker card suits-these are substituted with game character icons. A sandpaper-colored satchel of money is a symbol that, for five of a kind, pays out 200 coins; four sandpaper satchels of cash icons delivers a 20 coin payout, and three sandpaper satchels get you five coins. The next symbol in the game consists of American dollars and casino chips; five of a kind of the American dollars and casino chips single symbol is worth 200 coins; for American dollars and casino chips symbols get you 20 coins, and three American dollars and casino chips symbols payout five coins. The final symbol in this group is a local newspaper featuring the burglars; five such newspapers appearing at the same time are worth 200 coins on the pay lines; for such newspaper icons get you 20 coins, and three of a kind of the newspapers featuring the French burglars is worth five coins.

The final set of symbols in the game includes a doughnut with multicolored sprinkles, a blue police megaphone, and a pair of metal handcuffs. If you land five of a kind of either the doughnut, the megaphone, or the handcuffs on the game board, then you are rewarded with 100 coins. If you land for of a kind of the previously mentioned symbols then your prize is 15 coins, and three of either the doughnut, the metal handcuffs, or the megaphone icons get you five coins. This is been a comprehensive review of Real Time Gaming's Cash Bandit 3 Slots – download for a chance to win cash and prizes, or playing without obligation in a supported browser on your mobile device.