Fortunes of Olympus Slots

It seems March of 2023 was the time to bring out new video slots for Real Time Gaming, because today I am reviewing yet another awesome slot. This one is called Fortunes of Olympus Slots, and you guessed it - it has already received a mega uproar. It claims to have fantastic features, great opportunities to win big, as well as immersive gameplay. It sounds great, doesn't it? So why don't we check it out today and see whether it lives up to our expectations? Join me today to see whether it really has everything it claims to have. Remember, you won't know unless you try!

What to know

As I said, Real Time Gaming, who also go by RTG for short, brought this slot out back in March of 2023. RTG have got a shining reputation, so you can expect some really great things in terms of design and aesthetics. So, let's get into what you should expect from the slot. Firstly, it has got an RTP percentage of 95%, which is pretty good considering the national average. There are 5 reels and 50 paylines for you to enjoy using, which will also allow you to hit winning combinations. The minimum amount that you can bet is 0.50, and the maximum is 50. As a reviewer, I'm really impressed and happy with these figures, because it just shows how big you can actually win with the Fortunes of Olympus Slots. The maximum amount that you can payout is 1,000x, and the volatility of the game is a medium.

Theme and Features you're going to find

The theme of this slot is that of medieval times, with mythical Greek gods. Hence the theme, you can expect to find symbols such as Zeus, Greek soldiers, warriors, goddesses and much more. Some of the most important features include the wild logo, scatter and free spins. The scatter is what triggers the free spins, so if you love those features then you know what to look out for. Some other features that Fortunes of Olympus Slots delivers on is the fact that the game can be played from any desktop or laptop, meaning complete accessibility for the players.


So there we have it! What is your first impression of Fortunes of Olympus Slots? Do you think it is worth your time? Be sure to let me know how your experience goes. I wish you all of the gaming success in the world!