Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure Slots
Plentiful Treasures Slot is definitely one of a kind – even though the theme is also from the very popular Orient line. Built by none other than RTG (Real Time Gaming), there’s a distinct Chinese flavor to this video pokey that you’ve just got to try out. Flash play is free, so you don’t actually need any money to engage it; however, you miss out on the opportunity to win prizes if you don’t download and wager some coins on the lines. There are 5 reels, and 243 paylines; there’s also a chance you win the 50,000 coin top jackpot if you get lucky. Keep in mind, too, that your chances are pretty good because this is a medium-variance slot.

Plentiful Treasures Jackpot Prizes

We promised you jackpots, and so we aim to deliver. The first one is the Mini Jackpot that is a part of the Golden Coin Feature, which can put a not inconsiderable $50 or so into your pockets. The second jackpot is the Minor Jackpot, which is worth about $100. Next we have the Major Jackpot in Plentiful Treasures Slots, which gets the lucky winner $1000, and the final prize is a big one: the Grand jackpot, which can deliver $10,000 (at least). It is also attended by a Free Spins Bonus that gives you many more chances to win. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the spinning reels, for it is also possible to come away with a pocket change-rattling 80 extra spins if you keep on racking up the re-triggerable scatter icons to deliver free games into your current game. Since there are so many paylines, you can actually go a bit easier on the pockets than in most pokeys, while still having the chance to win big. Plentiful Treasures Slot is a dream to play – whether you do so for fun, or whether you do so for real money. The following is a little bit of information on how the different ways to play Real Time Gaming’s Plentiful Treasures Slots: in the first case, it works with Android or Apple iOS mobile platforms and Windows on desktop. If you decide not to play for a chance at real cash, then simply click the “Play Now” (or some variation thereof) on the landing page of the hosting casino; this will quickly take you to the Flash version of the game. While playing this, you don’t have to create a username and password; just start playing right away. Any winnings will be counted as something called “fun money.” On the other hand, if you wish to gain access to the prizes and cash that are intertwined with the game symbols, you must download and create an account.

Wealthy Bonus Icons Courtesy of Plentiful Treasures Slots

Insofar as the wealthy bonus icons are the exception to the rule in most video Slots, in Plentiful Treasures Slots, they are the ones that open up the pathway to the bonus features. The first one is the red and gold Chinese seminary symbol: this functions as the substitute or the wild. It descends onto the the second reel, the third reel and the fourth reels and will replace every other symbol in the game except for the scattered pearl ball to help you complete a winning pay line.

The scattered pearl ball symbol appears on the third reel and can substitute for all symbols except for two: the other scatter symbol and the red and gold Chinese seminary symbol. Any game prize you happen to win-win the scattered pearl ball appears is multiplied by the game wager and accompanied by a multiplier. These multipliers depend on the number of pearl ball symbols you land. They appear in enumerative increments of the lucky number 8 as follows: four 1/8 equals X 1; for 1/18 equals X 2; for 1/38 equals X 3; for 1/68 equals X 4; and the final scattered pay table value attendant with the pearl ball you get 1/88 equals X 5.

The third and final scatter symbol in the game is a red and gold cauldron after the fashion of the ancient orient kingdoms. If five red and gold cauldrons show up on the reels at the same time, the scattered delivers a 50 x payout. If four red and gold cauldron scatters appear you win 10 X on the pay lines, and if three of a kind of the red and gold Oriental cauldron symbol appears you win 5X on the pay lines.

Symbols Galore – Paytable from Plentiful Treasures Oriental Pokey

Plentiful Treasures Slots has a unique representation of symbols on the reels, in that along with the original symbol, there's a gold version of the same symbol that is worth many times more if you can managed to land them in a winning combination. Let's start out with the silver treasure box symbol; five of a kind of the silver treasure box is worth 30 coins, four of a kind of the silver treasure box icon get you 10 coins, and three silver treasure boxes in the game deliver a five coin payout. Striking gold version of this symbol net you 680 coins if five of a kind appear; the gold treasure box symbol get you 128 coins if four appear on the reels at the same time, and you win 68 coins if three of a kind of the gold treasure box symbol appears. The next high-paying symbol in the strikingly-Oriental Pokey Plentiful Treasures Slots is a green chameleon icon. Five green chameleon icons are worth 30 coins, four green chameleon symbols get you 10 coins, and three green chameleon symbols are worth five coins; if the gold chameleon appears, then five of them are worth 380 coins, four gold chameleon symbols get you 88 coins, and three gold communions are worth a lucky 38 coins.

The next set of symbols begins with a bronze teapot in a characteristically Asian rendering style. Five bronze teapot symbols are worth 20 coins, four bronze teapot symbols get you 10 coins, and three of a kind of the bronze teapot icons are worth five coins. The gold version of this teapot is worth 280 coins for five of a kind on the reels, 68 coins if four golden teapot symbols appear, and 28 coins for three golden teapot icons. Similarly-value is the copper magic ring symbol; five copper magic rings are worth 20 coins, four copper magic ring symbols get you 10 coins, and three copper magic rings are worth five coins. Five gold copper rings get you 180 coins, four of a kind of the gold copper rings symbols are worth 38 coins, and three gold copper rings get you 18 coins. The final Plentiful Treasures Slots character symbol is a curve golden feather; five curve golden feathers are worth 128 coins, four curve golden feather symbols get you 28 coins, and three curve golden feathers are worth a coins.

Although Oriental, this Pokey still has time-tested poker card symbols is the lowest paying options. We begin with the Ace, the King, and the Queen poker suits; five of a kind of the aforementioned are worth 15 coins, four Ace symbols, or four King symbols or four Queen suits get you eight coins, and three of either are worth five coins. The second and last set of symbols in the game are comprised of the Joker, the 10 and the 9. Five of any of these are worth 15 coins, four of any of these are worth eight coins, and three of either the Joker, the 10 or the 9 symbols get you five coins in this game. Download Plentiful Treasures Slots today and enjoy a top-notch Real Time Gaming offering.