Sweet 16 Slots

Sweet 16 Slots

We've heard reports of online casino gamblers chomping at the screen, in an attempt to take a bite out of the many multicolored jelly beans, gobstopper candies and chocolate drops that exist as symbols in RTG's Sweet 16 Slots. Candies of every variety are accounted for in this 5 reel, All Ways Pay game that has an incredible 243 pay lines. Although the option to play for free is there, with so many pay ways, downloading the software allows you access to the 2000x symbol combination prizes and more.

Additionally, the paylines in Sweet 16 Video slots are all static; therefore, the only way to control how much you spend in the real money game is to vary the coin denominations you wager on each of the lines. The pokey makes it easy to do this by providing a single digital button to deliver the desired coinage on all the lines at once.

You will also find bonus features that can be unlocked with the game's scatter symbol. This same symbol - which is represented by a multi-colored lollipop - can unleash a bunch of free spins, as well as unlock even more bonus features. Scatter wins are all multiplied by the beginning wager. In the sections below, we will see exactly what the symbols in the game are, and how much the symbol combinations pay out per appearance.

Sweet 16 Slots Generous Bonus Attributes

Sweet 16 Slots is well known in the online casino gaming space for its delicious morphing symbols attribute. The blue candy corn, emerald-green gumdrop, hot pink jellybean, red lips, gold foil jellybean, multilayered cake and purple gumdrop are all capable of shifting into brand-new candy types. When they appear as a winning combination, all the symbols involved in the win count for even more. This occurs once you've been recompensed with payment according to the pay table to be elucidated later on in this review. The new symbols into which the old ones morphed can now show up in the same positions to deliver extra wins. This awesome morphing attribute will continue to activate until there are no more winning combinations to be had in the relevant round.

There's another aspect to the morphing magic in this Pokey: the prize multiplier will keep on adding up and delivering multiple wins in a row from the first triggering spin. The prizes it delivers range from 1x the first time it morphs, through to 10 x after it morphs the 10th time (and then some). Playing the part in on of these potential combinations is the Sweet 16 group substitute symbol. It appears on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels and performs the usual trick of substituting for every other non-scatter icon in the game. As for this ironclad scatter symbol, it is represented by a pink and white swirled lollipop symbol; all wins are multiplied by the total real-money-wager. In fact, if five of a kind of the red and white swirled lollipop icon lineup, then your prize is 500x; if four of a kind of the white and pink swirled lollipop icon appears then you win 10x X, and if three pink and white swirled lollipop symbol show up you win 3x. As usual, the variable x represents the amount of money you are willing to put down at the betting lines. The Flash version of the game, all these wins translate to something called fun money.

Candy-Driven Pay Table

As a heads up, you should know that there are known low-paying poker card numbers or symbols in this slot; to satisfy your sweet tooth appropriately, you will only find different kinds of candies representing the symbols. Without further due, we begin with the highest paying symbol as denoted by a primary colored gumdrop; five primary colored gumdrop candy symbols in around get you 500 coins, four primary colored gumdrop icons are worth 100 coins, and three of a kind of the primary colored gumdrop symbols get you 30 coins. Within the same high-paying bracket is a symbol denoted by luscious red lips. Five luscious red lip symbols are worth 250 coins, four of a kind of the luscious red lips symbols get you 50 coins, and three luscious red lips icons are worth 20 coins on the pay lines.

Next we have 1/2-eaten chocolate nugget with nougat spilling out; this very delicious symbol is accompanied by a multicolored marble of a candy; together, five of either one on the reels at the same time delivers a 125 coin reward; for chocolate nougat candies or for multicolored marble candies get you 30 coins, and lastly three of the multicolored marble or three of the chocolate nougat candy is worth 15 coins. Secondly, together we've got both an overall peppermint candy symbol and a blue and white swirled bauble candy symbol; five of a kind of these breath-freshening pieces of candy icons get you 100 coins, four of either the red and white or blue-and-white peppermint Patty candy symbols are worth 25 coins, and three peppermint Patty symbols of either color combination get you 10 coins.

Now we have the triple layered cake icon in the fiery red hot candy icon; each one, if five of the same kind shows up on the reels get you 80 coins; for triple layered cake icons or for fiery red hot candy icons are worth 20 coins, and three of the same get you five coins. We getting close to the end of this Bakers Delight assortment of goodies - as such, we introduced the last section with three different pieces of candies are worth the same symbol combination payout. The gold foil jellybean, the hot pink jellybean, and the emerald green gumdrop symbols are all worth a 75 coin payout for five of a kind on the reels simultaneously (each); you get 15 coins instead if four of either of these candies appear, injure final payout of five coins is the result if you get three of each. The last collection of symbols is represented by a purple gumdrop, and orange jelly candy, and a hard Royal blue oval candy symbol; five of them are worth 60 coins, four of either get you 10 coins, and three of a kind still good for a three coin payout. We couldn't get enough of salivating at what Sweet 16 Slots has to offer; download today to get in on this visual treat and have a chance to win some real prizes and cash.