Henhouse Slots

Henhouse Slots
There cannot be many slot games that take place inside a hen house, but this one does. We’ve seen games set on farms before, and that is where we will go for this one too, but the location for the action here is the henhouse itself.

You will see two progressive jackpots associated with the Henhouse slot, so that is great news. But what else lies in wait for you here?

Reels and win lines in action

Five reels load as soon as you are ready to start the game. From there, you can bet on up to 25 win lines.

Choose your wager

There are some nice wagers to choose from here. You get the chance to bet a penny per line if you want to play a quarter to cover all of them. Conversely, a quarter is the highest line bet, too.

Henhouse special symbols in use

You’re probably expecting to see a hen here, and you will see this appear as the substitute symbol. They can pop up on reels two, three, and four. Better yet, they are grouped, giving you the chance to see lots of them. The eggs laid by the hens act as the scatters, and these are the only symbols in action that the wild won’t replace.

Bonus features to find

Three or more appearances of eggs on the reels will trigger the Henhouse Pick feature. There are nine hens to choose from, so get picking! There are regular eggs, lovely golden eggs, and just one rotten egg. You might also pick the bonus symbol if you can find it. Just be sure to avoid the rotten egg, as this ends your picking process.

You will receive five free spins of the reels whatever happens, but you could get additional free spins depending on which hens you pick. There are also some multipliers to be found. The best scenario is to pick hens throughout three rounds, so make sure you get the chance to go as far as you possibly can before starting those free spins.

Download and enjoy a game of the Henhouse slot today!

Some luck is required when you get into the henhouse to pick those hens. Let’s hope you can evade that rotten egg for as long as you can. We love the Henhouse Pick feature, but the whole game is very cool too!