Voodoo Magic Slots

Voodoo Magic Slots
There is magic… and then there is voodoo magic. The former involves street magic, clever tricks, and lots of sleight of hand elements that make the impossible seem possible. However, voodoo magic is a very different thing, and that is what this game is all about.

There be snakes in this game so be warned, not to mention other voodoo-related icons. Mind you, they could lead to prizes, so perhaps it is worth looking more closely at what awaits us here.

Reels and win lines

Five reels are presented once the game is ready to play. The payline quantity is unusual yet appropriate for the game… with 13 lines to bet on here.

Coins in play

You can wager a cent on each of those 13 lines if you wish. There are other values too, going north to a quarter at most.

Voodoo Magic special symbols

Some magic is being performed by a priestess, apparently, since she pops up on the reels of this game. She also behaves as a substitute. The game also gives us the benefit of a scatter symbol, shown here as a collection of voodoo dolls.

Bonus chances

There are free games up for grabs in Voodoo Magic, but you won’t need to find three or more scatters to win them. Just two are required to trigger them. You will then see the quantity of spins you’ll receive. The highest number to be awarded is 25, but you could get fewer than that.

The free games also include the chance of benefiting from a Magic Multiplier. This makes the spins more unusual. The idea is each spin could trigger a Magic Multiplier to be revealed. This may or may not occur, but if it does, every prize on that spin will be enhanced by the multiplier shown.

Download and play the Voodoo Magic slot today

We’ve seen magic slots before, but few go into the territory explored in this one. Voodoo Magic won’t suit everyone, but it does have a couple of neat features. Finding just two scatters rather than three makes hitting those free games much easier. You never know how many you might win, but that keeps things more interesting. Throw in that varying multiplier potential too and you can see why this game has some fans who regularly enjoy playing it to see whether they’ll get lucky.