Legendary Luck Slots

Want to chance your arm at the Legendary Luck Slot? This fun slot game, which is brought to us by Real Time Gaming, is charismatic, engaging and a pleasure to play. It has got some of the nicest that I've seen in recent times, so that is saying something, don't you think? It has also got a lot of symbols and features that are evident in the Kung Fu Panda movie, so if you love that then you're going to love this slot. That's a given. Considering the slot is brought to us by Real Time Gaming, who also go as RTG for short, you're going to encounter spicy features, addictive gameplay and some of the most beautiful graphics ever. So enough rambling, let's get into the facts of Legendary Luck Slots before it's too late!

General Overview

So, to begin with, we have got 5 reels and 3 rows to play with, giving us a mighty 243 ways in which to win. I'm super happy with this figure, and I hope you are too. On top of that awesome figure, there is also the possibility to win 78,125 more ways, but this comes further down the line. I think it's great that they don't give us everything all at once, hence creating a bit of anticipation. The volatility rating has been described as high, and the minimum amount that you can bet is $2, with the maximum being $100.

The Look and Features in the game

As you may have guessed with the Kung Fu Panda relevance, the Legendary Luck Slots is based on the famous and legendary Chinese heroes. These characters include the panda bear, frogs, birds and fox, and are also worthy symbols. As for the lower symbols, these include the royal cards, so keep your eyes peeled for all of them.

As for the features, I would recommend you keep your eyes peeled for the mystical zone feature, the free spins, the stacked warriors and the gatekeeper portal. All of these features are cleverly placed to help us players win big. I love slot games that offer their players a standing chance, and that's certainly what you get with Legendary Luck Slots.

The Verdict

So there we have it. That's all I have to say about the Legendary Luck Slots. I hope that this slot has been helpful to you, and that you have a wonderful time playing with the Chinese legends. Remember, you won't know unless you try, so give it your best shot today!