Light Speed Slots

Light Speed is an odd name for a slot, although it does seem to indicate a speedy game here. Will you be traveling at light speed, and if so, does that mean we are zooming into outer space to play this game?

You can indeed expect that kind of game here, complete with aliens and the futuristic ray guns they might be seen with.

Reels and win lines

This is a simple game based on three reels. You will see just one line to place your bet on with each spin.

Coins in play

There isn’t much in the way of choice here – the single coin is worth a quarter. The only thing you do get to choose is how many coins to play on the line. You have an option to pick from one, two, or three of them.

Light Speed special symbols

Watch out for a cute little robot to appear. This is used as a wild and it comes in useful when replacing other icons to try and create a winning line. Only the logo can’t be substituted by this but everything else is fine.

There is a symbol representing the Light Speed theme too. However, you might wonder what it is for since it doesn’t show up on the paytable. It has a vital role to play though. Each meter appearing on the reels will increase the Light Speed meter by one position. Each position is related to a multiplier value, so if you reach the top and the seventh position, it would give you a 7x multiplier.

When you get a win on the reels, that win is multiplied by the value shown at that time. The meter then resets to the bottom and allows you to begin again.

Bonus chances

There is a progressive jackpot to be won here and a very specific set of events is required to win it. Firstly, the Light Speed meter must reach the top. When this occurs, your next spin must produce three ray guns across the line on the reels. This will scoop the jackpot. It is guaranteed to be worth $700 at least, since that is the reset amount after someone has won it. However, if it has been a while since someone won it, it could be worth a lot more.

Download and play the Light Speed slot today

This is far better than you might have expected… but will you win at Light Speed?