Cash Bandits Slots

Cash Bandit Slots is an interesting case study in human psychology – just kidding; it's really just a knock your socks off type of Pokey made by none other than Real Time Gaming. The very appearance let you in on the particulars of the gameplay: two Greek columns hold up the entrance to a bank vault that was recently pilfered by a couple of pudgy robbers. A security guard is being dispatched (rather, he's dispatching himself) to locate these hooligans and recoup the loot. Along the way, as you spin the reels, hopefully you can pick up the requisite symbol combinations to pad your account with cash and prizes.

You will find that the graphics in this game are quite atmospheric despite being drawn in a cartoonish manner. The storyline is very zany and enjoyable – but will take your attention off the fact that you're in it to win it, as Jared would say. This lot has 5 reels and 25 active pay lines that can be varied according to the choice of the gamer; however, if you're playing for real money and you want to keep every single one of those pay lines active in order to maximize your chances. To control how much you spend, just vary the coin denominations used instead of varying the pay lines. The choice is yours of course.

The game provides many opportunities for you to pick up extra chances at winning. The bonus features open up the pathway to free spins numbering between 5, 10, 20, 50 and up to 100. Clearly, with a Return To Player value of 95.3% and a double dose of progressive jackpot prizes in the game, this is one of those that you will almost certainly want to be playing for real cash. Just imagine in extra 50,000 coins jingling in your pockets during this pandemic. It’s a scintillating possibility that is only available in this game of chance to those who actually take a chance and download.

Cash Bandits Symbols with Bonus Abilities

Well here is: Cash Bandit Slots is a very first member of what will become a magnificent franchise due to its popularity and riveting subject matter. You can be either the bad guy or the good guy in this quintessential game of Cops and Robbers played out in the virtual space, at your favorite online gaming casino. In this short section, we go through the wild and the scatter symbols so that you understand their function and what they have to offer in the game.

The first one is the wild icon; it is also called the substitute symbol because of its ability to supplant the position of any other symbol (except for the scatter symbol) to help you complete a winning pay line for the expectant cash payout. The wild icon is represented by a burnished gold vault; if five burnished golden vault icons show up at the same time then you win 2500 game coins to use as you see fit; if instead four burnished golden vault symbol show up you win 750 coins, three burnished gold vault icons get you 100 coins, and to such burnished gold vault icons are worth two fistfuls of coins at 10.

The scatter symbol, again, cannot be supplanted by the wild burnished golden vaults; however, it has its own prodigious suite of abilities. The scatter is represented by a prominence Cops and Robbers sheriffs badge; five scatters can line up any which way and pay out 200x – x denotes whatever you wagered at the betting lines. If four prominent Cops and Robbers scatter icons dominate the game board, then you win 20x; and finally if three prominent Cops and Robbers icons appear you win 2x.

Symbol Combos in Cash Bandits

Just as in the above, the regular game symbols are also repeated throughout Cash Bandits 2 Slots and Cash Bandits 3 Slots; hearing the original, you get to become familiar with the starting versions. The highest paying symbol is the regal financial institution; five regal financial institution icons are worth 1500 coins, four of a kind of the regal financial institution icons get you 500 coins, three regal financial institution symbols payout 25 coins, and a couple of regal financial institution symbols are worth five coins. The next symbol is the irate security guard (many of them masquerade as full-blown police officers – but they are not); nonetheless, five irate security guard icons are worth 1250 coins, four irate security guard symbols are worth 250 coins, three of a kind of the irate security guard icons get you 20 coins, and two irate security guards symbols are worth five coins. The final single high-paying symbol is the pudgy robber; five pudgy robbers are worth 800 coins, four pudgy robber icons are worth 125 coins; three pudgy robber icons get you 15 coins, and two pudgy robber symbols get you three coins.

The next option represents a badge of icons that include a glowing police siren and the red getaway car; five glowing police sirens or five red getaway cars are worth 500 coins on the pay lines; for red getaway cars or for glowing police sirens are worth 50 coins, and three police sirens or three red getaway cars get you 10 coins in Cash Bandits Slots. Again, these coin values are applicable to either gaming option – if you play the Flash version then you do not win anything tangible. If, however, you chose to download and make a deposit before playing, and all of your cash prizes are very real and are deposited your bank account.

The next collection of game icons contains fully three different symbols: a police revolver scattered bullets, a mountain of cash with rubber bands around bundles, and a gold container of American dollars with a green dollar stamped smack in the middle. For five of a kind of any of the symbols you win a 250 game credit reward, for 4 of any of the symbols you win 25 game coins, and for either three gold containers of American dollars, or three police guns with scattered bullets signs, or three mountains of cash with rubber bundles you win five coins.

Poker card suits do not make an appearance in Cash Bandit Slots; instead, we finish out the symbol combination payouts with regular character symbols. This final batch contains a maroon police horn, a delicious-looking pink glazed doughnut (someone already took a bite out of it, though), and the obligatory police handcuffs. If five of any of the above-mentioned icons grace the reels, you win 100 coins; if four of any of these icons grace the reels you win 15 coins, and if three of them appear you win 5 game coins. Welcome to Cash Bandit Slots (the original version); to experience it in full, all you need to do is download the software, make a deposit, receive your welcome bonus and start gaming tonight.