Ocean Oddities Slots

Well, hopefully not odd ones, but nice ones! The ocean is a vast place and there are still areas we don’t know much about. So, we guess there is a chance there could be creatures down there playing slot games, right? Who knows?

You will certainly meet some creatures of the deep in this ocean-going game. But will any of them help you to reel in some good prizes?

Reels and win lines

This is a five-reel game and that means you can expect a good number of lines – 25 in all.

Coins in play

There are plenty of coins to choose from, ranging from a cent a line to a dollar per line.

Ocean Oddities special symbols

Sharks pop up a lot in these games. One does here as well, taking on its usual role as the wild. It won’t show up on the first reel, but you should prepare for it to swim into place on any of the other reels.

The game has a scatter too, which is shown as a pearl inside its shell. Surprisingly, the shark will replace this alongside all the other symbols in the game.

Bonus chances

Many games award free spins whenever three or more scatters are found. This game does the same, giving out 10 freebies whenever three or more pearls are discovered. If you find a shark in a winning line, a 2x multiplier is used to boost the prize. Bigger multipliers can come into play too if the shark appears two, three, or four times in a winning line. As an example, four sharks and another symbol forming a five-symbol win would bring you a 16x multiplier.

Download and play the Ocean Oddities slot today

This is a good game to try. It might seem quite basic to start with, but that free spin feature has been tweaked just enough to provide you with some pleasing elements to look forward to. Ocean Oddities does have the oddity of a multiplier shark to contend with, but that isn’t as much odd as rather nice to see! We certainly wouldn’t mind seeing four in one free spin, would you?

You can try the demo today if you wish or dive in and play the real thing from the start. Ocean Oddities contains lots of elements we think you will love when you try it out.