Cash Bandits 2 Slots

If we judge this Pokey simply, then it stands to reason that the sequel will be better than the original. It turns out that, in this case, the conventional line of reasoning is correct sporting the same 5 reels and 25 pay lines, if you choose to download you can wager between $0.01 and $25 for a chance at the $50,000 X wager per line. Keep in mind that the potential payout is truly exorbitant – the "X" represents your wager; which means that the top prize is this multiplied by a factor of 50,000! If you land the right symbol combinations, clearly your breaking the bank vault all for yourself. In fact, there's a triple dose of potential progressive jackpot in this game, named the Minor, the Many, and the Major – these are in addition to the symbol combination rewards.

The same nifty icons make yet another appearance on the reels, and you will heartily recognize the French security guard or, the Germanic American lady, and all of the traditional accouterments that attend officers of the law and bandits outside of the lot. You even find some very funny accouterments for which the police department is unlikely to be proud: half eaten doughnuts and cups of coffee with entirely too much sugar inside.

With the Special Vault Bonus Feature, it is possible to corral an amazing 190 free games attended by a 17 x multiplier that can truly volume up to the heavens in terms of price payouts. The bandit is what's required here, as the scatter symbol, three of a kind the bandit delivers the goods. To actually access the game, a bank keypad will appear when a minimum of three bandit symbol show up at the same time. You will be prompted to enter a random key code; whatever you enter determines the number of free games you come away with, as well as the attendant multiplier. Best of all, this feature can be re-triggered (this means that you can keep on winning it even while you're playing it).

Cash Bandits 2 Icons for Bonus Attributes

Cash Bandit 2 Video Slots is yet another wild ride through the winding streets of the most famous French city as you try to escape the police. You will of course recognize the many icons on the reels as upgraded versions of the symbols in the first installment of this wonderful franchise series. Here, we take a look at the top paying symbols in the game which possess special attributes. The first one is the Cash Bandit 2 game banner symbol, which functions as a so-called group wild and can substitute for every other icon in the game – except for the scattered bandit (also known as a robber, thief, or burglar). If you land five Cash Bandit 2 banner emblems or symbols on the reels at the same time, then you are rewarded with an impressive 5000 gold credit prize in the real money version of this Pokey. If you land for Cash Bandit 2 game banners then you win 750 gold credits; three Cash Bandit 2 game symbols on the game board get you 100 gold credits, and if a couple of the symbols appear then you win 10 gold credits.

The next important symbol in the game is regarded as a bonus icon is the cheesy bandit. Since it serves the utility of a scatter symbol, any wins with which it is associated are multiplied by your total wager constructed at the beginning of the real money game. If five of a kind of the bandit symbol appear on the reels simultaneously, then your prize output total is 50x; if instead four cheesy bandit scatters appear, then your payout is 20x; diffuse number of scattered bandit symbol second show up and still reward you is three of a kind; when this happens you win 2x – where x is the variable representing your wager.

Cash Bandit 2 Icon Paytable Values

If you ever eventually managed to play the third and final version of the Cash Bandit 2 Slots franchise, then you will find that all of the symbols are virtually exactly the same in either game. The difference, of course, is the payout values associated with each symbol – as well as the fact that some of them are bundled together in one game, whereas they are not bundled together in the other.

With that out of the way, the very first symbol is the same burly security guard from the first installment on the game and the third and final (so far, anyway) installment of the game. In Cash Bandit 2 Slots, five of the burly security guards symbol ensures a 2000 coin payout to the player; for of the burly security guards symbol get you 500 coins if they show up at the same time; three burly security guard icons are worth 25 coins, and two burly security guards get you five coins. The symbol after this one is similarly high-paying, and is just as familiar: is the fat crazy American lady! If you manage to lock out and get a full role of five of the crazy fat American lady icon, then you win 1500 coins; for alarmed crazy fat American lady icons are worth 250 coins, three of her get you 20 coins, and two alarmed crazy fat American lady symbols are worth five coins. Sliding into the third slot for the high-paying character symbols is the off-white bank vault symbol sporting a gold crown of American dollars. Five of a kind of the bank vault with gold crown symbol gets you 1000 coins, four bank vault with gold crown symbols are worth 125 coins, three off-white bank vault symbols get you 15 coins, and two of them pays out three coins.

In the next level all of the remaining symbols are bundled together to signify the exact same payouts per symbol combination. The first such bundle contains the safe key and the blue-golden police badge; five of a kind of each of these showing up get you 600 coins; for safe key symbols or for blue-golden police badge symbols get you 50 coins, and three of a kind of either one get you 10 coins. The next bundle of symbols contains three: a chocolate covered doughnut, a stash of greenbacks with quarters, and a ripped wanted poster for the bandit. That's quite a mouthful – but there are worth the exact same amount per symbol combination. That means that five of a kind of either one of them is worth a 250 coin reward if you wagered something, for of a kind of the aforementioned symbols get you 25 coins, and three of either the wanted poster, the chocolate covered doughnut, or the selection of greenbacks with quarters symbols are worth just five game credits. The final bundle symbols contains a gold plastic bag of presumably money, a Styrofoam cup of coffee, a pair of police-issue handcuffs, a brown police had, and a glazed half eaten pink doughnut with sprinkles. Five of each is worth 100 coins, four of each is worth 15 coins, and three of any of the above appearing simultaneously gets you a five game credit reward. Download Cash Bandit 2 Slots in order to experience the wondrous symbols and their capacity to deliver cash and prizes today.