Witch's Brew Slots

Although there’s little question that you can locate dozens of Halloween-themed slot titles out there in the online realm, Witch’s Brew Slots stands alone as the most robust. It is a vast pokey filled with bonus features and opportunities to win cash and prizes. The graphical display is pleasing to view; but it is clear that RTG focused primarily on the gaming experience that they wanted this slot to render.

With 5 reels and 25 paylines, the number of ways to win in Witch’s Brew Slots is considerable. It is for this reason (arguably, anyway) that, although the free-to-play mode is certainly available using the Adobe Flash program in Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox – you might want to strongly consider downloading the casino software and making a deposit for access to the in-game prize pool. The 25 active paylines improves the Return to Player value, and you can wager a small amount in order to minimize your risk while maximizing your chances of winning. The coin amounts range from $0.25 to $6.25 in increments, allowing you to choose a denomination with witch your bank account is comfortable.

Bonus Features in the Witch’s Cauldron

As for the afore-mentioned features, you can look forward to the Wild Brew Bonus Feature, witch gets activated when at least three witch icons show up (or alternatively, three bloody fangs) on the reels. The event that signifies entry into the bonus feature is a re-spin chime, whereupon the substitute icons will dominate the reels to the left and to the right of them as 10 re-spin attributes tumble into your account (to be used only in the current game). If you downloaded the casino software and made a deposit, then you can look forward to payouts every single time this happens. The next one is the Goblin Blood Bonus Feature, witch is a scatter and delivers the good when a minimum of two appear simultaneously. The scatter symbol is the key to this feature, and for three of a kind you win 10 free spins, for four of a kind of the scatter the bonus will award you 25 free spins, and for the maximum number of five scatter symbols you win a whopping 125 free spins!

If you are having any doubts as to whether or not it’s worthwhile to play this awesome pokey, consider a short intro to the top payouts (we’ll get to them in full a little later on in this review). The root mandrake icon renders a 2500 coin payout if a handful of them land on the reels; since the warlock symbol functions as the substitute, it will increase the latter prize to 5000 coins if it replaces the root mandrake once.

Wilds & Scatters in A Scary Magical Place

Although this Pokey is all in good fun for the best day in the month of October (Halloween), Insomnia Slots still strikes a good-natured brand of terror into the hearts of online casino gamers. There are two wild symbols in this game; one of witch can make substitution to help increase the payout values of your winning combinations. This one in particular is the witch known as Mdm. Blavatsky. The other wild symbol does not make substitution sin creature payouts, and is represented by the elaborate Dragon Fang. Both of these can only show up on the second, third and fourth reels and are capable of replacing every other symbol in this video pokey except for the scattered Goblin Blood File symbol. By the way, there's ghastly blood in the vial. When Mme. Blavatsky appears to make a substitution, your payout prize is doubled in value.

As for the scattered Goblin Vial of blood symbol, it is responsible for paving the way to the bonus features that deliver free spins and free games and more. Any to Goblin Vial of Blood scatter symbols are beneficial in enhancing your gameplay. Unlike all of the other symbols – witch pay only in the left to right reading direction – the scatter Goblin Vial of Blood symbol pays both ways.

Witch’s Brew Slots Has Plenty of Symbol Combination Payouts

In Insomnia Slots, you can expect a lot of wizardry and witchcraft starting with the incredible symbol combination payouts embedded in the game. The first one appears to be a golden ginger root symbol; for five of a kind of the golden ginger root with skull emblem icon, you win 2500 coins. If four golden ginger root icons show up on the reels at the same time you win 200 coins, for three golden ginger root symbols you get 50 coins, two golden ginger root symbols get you five coins, and they even payout with just a single golden ginger root symbol at two coins. If the spell-casting witch also appears to make a wild substitution, then five symbols get you 5000 coins. If the spell-casting witch shows up to make a total of four symbols you win 400 coins; for three of a kind with the wild symbol you win 100 coins, and for two of a kind on the game board you get 10 coins.

The next symbol is what looks to be the promised warlock – he has a striking resemblance to King Arthur's Merlin. For five Merlin wizard look-alike symbols you win 1000 coins; for Merlin warlock symbols get you 100 coins, three Merlin wizard look-alike icons are worth 25 coins, and two of them get you five coins. If the spell-casting witch makes a substitution for one of the five Merlin warlock symbols, then your payout is doubled to 2000 coins. If the witch makes a substitution for four of a kind of the wizard you win 200 coins, for three of the kind with the wild you win 50 coins, and for two symbols consisting of one Merlin warlock look-alike symbols and one spell-casting witch symbols the prizes 10 coins.

The next high-paying symbol is the dark blue cat familiar that is always attendant with a magic lady. If five of the dark cat symbols appear you win 500 coins, if four of the dark Cats icons show up you win 50 coins, three of a kind of the dark Cat symbol get you 20 coins, and two dark cat symbols are worth to coins. If the wild magic lady replaces a single one of the dark cats then your payouts change as follows: five symbols are now worth a 1000 coin payout, four symbols are now worth a 100 coin payout, three symbols are worth a 40 coins reward, and two symbols still gets you 4 coins.

The next three paragraphs will consist of two symbols and then three symbols in a single batch because there are worth the same values per set of combinations. The first one is a giant green told symbol and an elaborate black cauldron with runic symbols and a green potion mix. For five of a kind of either of the just-mentioned symbols, your prize is 200 coins; for four of a kind of either the told of the cauldron you win 35 coins, and for three green told symbols or three black runic symbol cauldron potion mixture symbols you win 10 coins. The magic lady/witch can make a substitution to double your rewards: five symbols including the wild magic lady get you 400 coins, four symbols with the magic wild lady get you 70 coins, and three symbols with the magic wild lady replacing one of them are worth 20 coins.

The next set of symbols includes a magic burning candle and a ghoulish altar symbol. For five of either you win 150 coins unless the magic lady wild symbol makes a substitution; then, your prize doubles to 300 coins for five of a kind. For four magic burning candle symbols or for ghoulish altar symbols you win 25 coins unless the magic lady makes a substitution for an increase to 50 coins. Lastly, for three magic burning candle symbols or three ghoulish, ghastly altars you win five coins; which is doubled to 10 coins if the magic lady makes a substitution for one of them.

The last set of symbols in Insomnia Slots has a whopping three different icons all in the same batch. These include a small book collection symbol, a large glass jar of a hard eyeballs, and a princely churning cup for magic potions and spells. Five of a kind of either one of the ones just listed are worth 125 coins, four of either one of this collection of symbols get you 20 coins, and three of them get you five coins. If the magic lady also appears the prizes become 250 coins for five of a kind, 40 coins for four of a kind, and 10 coins if you land three of a kind of the same time.